When you’ve been pulled over for reckless driving or speeding, you may not think there is any need to talk to an Arlington traffic attorney. That being said, the consequences can be serious, particularly if you are accused of driving 20 mph or more above the posted speed limit.

While most people don’t view it as such, reckless driving, DUI, and some other traffic offenses are considered crimes.  Even pleading guilty to speeding can leave you facing serious consequences.  A skilled Arlington traffic lawyer can advise you of the potential fines and penalties, and help you fight the charge so that your driving record and other aspects of your life are not negatively impacted.

In the state of Virginia, reckless driving is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor.  Depending on your particular circumstances, if convicted you will face penalties which may include fines of up to $2,500, up to 12 months in jail, and the potential loss of your driver’s license for up to six months.  Perhaps the most damaging consequence is having a conviction on your record, which could affect your current career, future employment opportunities, or other areas of your life.  A conviction will also result in the DMV placing six demerit points on your driving record, which could affect your auto insurance rates or coverage.

What good does it do to hire an Arlington traffic attorney if you have been charged with reckless driving, speeding, or even DUI?  Most people do not understand how critical it is to have an experienced lawyer represent them.  The fact is, police can make mistakes – and they often do.  Besides human error, there is always the possibility that a radar device was not working properly.  In the case of DUI, police must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over.  Law enforcement personnel are not above the law; they must follow proper protocol in the course of a stop and/or arrest.  Your attorney will work to have the charge dismissed when possible, or at least reduced so that the penalties are less damaging and severe.

The bottom line is that until proven guilty, you are innocent.  You have legal rights, which must be protected.  Regardless of whether you have been issued a ticket for speeding, arrested for DUI or reckless driving in Arlington, or accused of violating traffic laws, it is in your best interest to speak with a qualified Arlington traffic lawyer as soon as possible.  The sooner you take action, the higher the odds of a good outcome.

There are several reasons it’s important to hire an experienced Kansas City DUI lawyer, even when it is your first offense.  Most people are not aware that when charged with driving under the influence, it is a criminal offense that will result in license suspension.  Individuals who refuse to take a breath test have thirty days to appeal the suspension of their driver’s license; if you took the breath test, you have fifteen days to file an appeal.  In either case, if you do not file an appeal within the allowed time, your driving privileges will be revoked.

Other than the above, there are other serious criminal penalties those charged with DUI face if convicted.  Jail time, steep fines, and a criminal record which could affect various areas of your life are a few of the reasons it is to your advantage to consult with a seasoned Kansas City DUI attorney.  Additionally, if it is not your first offense the penalties you face will be even more severe.  Driving under the influence is a crime that is taken very seriously by lawmakers, police, and prosecutors today.

Whether you are guilty or innocent of the charges, it is important that you speak with a skilled DUI lawyer in Kansas City.  Even if you are guilty, there are many defense strategies that may be used to beat the case.  Police have certain rules that must be followed in the course of an arrest.  You may have been pulled over without reasonable suspicion; your car may have been illegally searched.  If you did take the breath test, how do you know the results are accurate or reliable?  There are many questions your attorney will ask in order to challenge whether evidence was gathered legally, and whether proper protocol was followed.

When you are innocent of driving under the influence it is essential that you consult with a trusted Kansas City DUI attorney; otherwise, you could easily end up facing penalties for an offense you did not commit.  You cannot expect police or the judge to believe you were not under the influence of alcohol simply on your word; otherwise, every guilty criminal in the state would be running free.  You must have a lawyer who is capable of protecting your legal rights and securing justice.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, don’t think that it’s really “no big deal” and that you can handle it on your own. Protect your freedom, reputation, and future by allowing an aggressive Kansas City DUI lawyer to handle the case for you.

Regardless of the seriousness of the crime you have been accused of committing, it’s important to hire an Arlington criminal defense attorney.  Some people believe such offenses as DUI or shoplifting are somewhat minor, however either can leave someone who is convicted facing fines, potential jail time, and more.  Having a criminal record, regardless of the crime, can affect future employment opportunities and more.  Whether you have been charged or are under investigation and have not yet been arrested, speak with a skilled defense lawyer in Arlington right away.  Why?

Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor so that formal charges are never filed. However, if charges are filed, you will need an experienced lawyer who knows how to thoroughly investigate the details of your case.  There are occasions on which mistakes are made by police, or even prosecutors; these errors can prove to be very important in defending your legal rights and freedom.

Regardless of whether you are accused of DUI, armed robbery, or even a criminal offense as serious as murder you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  There are situations in which an individual may be wrongly accused of a crime; perhaps there is a lack of hard evidence.  Even when compelling evidence does exist, a seasoned Arlington criminal defense lawyer will work diligently to challenge the evidence and fight against a conviction.

Many people feel they simply do not need a lawyer when arrested; they feel they can represent themselves, and save the money it would cost to obtain the services of an attorney.  The truth is, an Arlington criminal defense attorney thoroughly understands the law, and how to use it to his or her client’s advantage.  In addition, defense lawyers know how prosecutor’s work, and what action is necessary to reach a good outcome.  The fact of the matter is that prosecutors and judges are not your friends, and will do nothing to help you should you decide to represent yourself.  It’s likely that without a capable defense attorney, you will find yourself facing the harshest possible penalties for the crime you are charged with.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the cost of hiring a qualified Arlington criminal defense lawyer (Tuomey Law) is far less than the price you will pay if convicted, considering fines, potential loss of your freedom, and the damage to your reputation and career.  Don’t risk your future and good name; take advantage of the free consultation most attorneys offer today before you make a decision.

If you travel often, you know that the airport parking at PHL and shuttle services you choose can often set the mood for your travels.  When you experience bad customer service or the shuttle barely gets you to the airport in time to make your flight, it can stress you out, no doubt.  Top that with the worry of whether your vehicle will truly be secure while you are away, and it’s easy to see how the facility you choose can make a difference in whether you enjoy your travels, or spend too much time stressed out and worried.

What’s the solution?  Choosing the most trusted and reputable PHL airport parking and shuttle services, of course!  Here is what you should expect from the facility you choose:

Parking that is totally safe and secure – really.  Most facilities will tout safe parking, but how safe is it, really?  Sure, the parking grounds are likely surrounded by secure fencing and well-lit – but do staff members monitor the parking area 24/7, both on foot and by shuttle?  Ours do – and because of our close proximity to the Tinicum Township Police Department, police patrol at regular intervals as well.  Now THIS is safe parking!

Shuttles you can rely on to get you to and from the airport in a timely manner.  No one wants to arrive at the airport five minutes before their flight is scheduled to depart, but unfortunately this happens all too often.  Have you ever had to wait for 20 or even 30 minutes after landing back in Philadelphia for a shuttle to pick you up?  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer shuttles you can truly rely on, readily available and dedicated to superior service.  You’ll never wait longer than 10 minutes to be picked up upon your arrival back in town.

Outstanding customer service.  This is something that’s hard to find today in any industry – good old-fashioned customer service.  Today, many companies employ staff members who are too distracted, rude, or simply do not care whether the customer gets the attention and service they deserve.  Our employees are different; we’re always ready and available to help.  In fact, we have won several customer service awards over the years, and our service is just as good now as ever before.

We also offer free roadside assistance and lock-out services, something you won’t find with every PHL airport parking and shuttle service facility.  Are you ready for the best?  Next time, choose Smart Park.

Overall, most Philly airport parking and shuttle services are pretty much the same.  However, there is one that goes far above and beyond what the others have to offer – Smart Park!  Safe parking grounds, dependable shuttles, great customer service, great rates and free roadside service for those little problems that pop up when you least expect them – dead batteries, flat tires, lost keys.  What more could you ask for?

Perhaps discount coupons on our website that allow you to save even more,, or an outstanding Frequent Flyer Program?  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services are exceptional, and we’re not just saying that.  Over the years, we have received numerous awards for outstanding customer service. In all we do, we put the customer first and foremost.  We know that you want a safe place to park your car so that you can put that worry out of your mind while you’re away.  We also know that you want shuttles you can depend on.  We make every effort to ensure your travels begin and end on a good note!

Our parking grounds are the most safe and secure you will find of any of the Philly airport parking and shuttle services facilities in the area.  Surrounded by secure fencing, our parking areas are brightly lit which helps deter vandalism. Not only does the Tinicum Township Police Department patrol the area regularly, our staff members monitor the grounds continuously as well.  You can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands while you are out of town, and that one of your biggest investments won’t be damaged when you return.

Shuttles can be a real source of stress; you wonder if you’ll get to the airport before your flight leaves without you!  Or, upon your return you dread the long wait to get back to your car.  Our Philly airport parking and shuttle services are different.  Upon your arrival, a staff member will contact a shuttle immediately and help you transfer your baggage, so you can be on your way to the airport in no time – meaning no more running to catch your flight before it departs.  Even when you get back in town, you can rely on a shuttle to be there in just 5 to 10 minutes to deliver you safely back to your car.

Lock-out and free roadside services, great rates for frequent business travelers, discount coupons for all travelers who want to save off of our already competitive rates.  We believe in going above and beyond your expectations, and think we do!  Give us a try when you’re not satisfied with the Philly airport shuttle and parking services you currently use – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!