Many people who are arrested for driving under the influence wonder why they need a Kansas City DUI attorney.  After all, if you’re guilty you’re guilty, right?  Or, if you’re innocent you just don’t need a lawyer because in the end, police, the judge and prosecutor will know they made a mistake.  Not so fast – neither of these statements is true.  It has to be proven that you are guilty, so until that point you are innocent – and if you truly were not drinking and driving, no one is simply going to take your word for it.

Kansas City DUI lawyers have seen it all, and know how to effectively represent their clients.  Regardless of your guilt or innocence, it is critical that you have a skilled attorney in your corner.  Even though you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, it is not at all easy to prove your innocence without benefit of an experienced lawyer, who knows how to dispute the evidence and protect your legal rights.

The fact is, representing yourself is never a good idea.  Seasoned attorneys know how to examine the evidence and challenge it, how to question police and what the proper procedures are that must be followed by police, how to challenge results of blood and breath tests and more.  While not every Kansas City DUI or DWI attorney is good at what he/she does, one who is truly compassionate and caring will work diligently to keep you out of jail and protect you from serious penalties, rather than simply walking you through a plea bargain.

A conviction on charges of driving under the influence is serious.  Not only will you face substantial fines and possible jail time, you will have a criminal record, lose your driving privileges and perhaps even be required to attend a drunk driving program.  If you are a repeat offender and it is your second or third offense, the penalties become more severe.   Kansas City DUI lawyers know that this is an offense that isn’t considered minor as it once was – in fact, it’s quite serious.

Whether you had a couple of drinks at a friend’s house, had several at a local bar or did not drink anything at all with alcohol in it before getting behind the wheel, if you were arrested you must have skilled legal guidance and representation.  A qualified Kansas City DUI lawyer will work hard to keep you out of jail and protect your reputation, career and future.  Without legal counsel, you are putting your very future in jeopardy.


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